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“The Lovers” Display Piece

Our Elm Round (2.75 inches, 70mm) was recently used as the anchor for a great display piece, Scott from Hearth Stone Miniatures submitted at the Miniature Figure Collectors of America (MFCA) on May 9, 2015.  He came away with a Silver Metal in Fantasy.

“The Lovers”

from Dark Sword Miniatures

The Lovers, is a Dark Sword Miniature, was sculpted by Patrick Keith and comes in metal (pewter).  Scott built the entire pieces except for the miniatures using a variety of techniques and materials.  You can read more about the process from his Work In Progress page on the Reaper Forums.

Elm trees tend to have worms eating away at the wood below the bark.  And these pieces are no exception.  When finished the edge of the elm looks like its surrounded in runes.

Scott’s use of the elm as a stand for the overall display was well thought out.  It is placed to balance against the weight of the piece and still reveal the impressive tree rings of the elm.  Well done, Scott.

Hearth Stone carries its own line of miniatures.  Check them out for use on our bases.  There are quite the interesting miniatures available.