The Battle of the Champions on a Sycamore Hexagon Base by Ub3r N3rd

Figures: Unarmored Hordesman & Armored Hordesman Manufacturer: Red Box Games Base: WoldStand Hexagonal Sycamore 3in. Material: Trollcast (Resin) Read the WIP and check out his Show Off My buddy Ub3r N3rd over at Reaper Miniatures forum has taken two of Red Box Games miniatures and created that moment in a combat where the two champions […]

Hexagonal Diamond Plate Sci-Fi Display Base, 3.25in

This sci-fi / steampunk themed hexagon-shaped miniature base is patterned with distressed diamond plate sections with rust and oil, as well as a rusted pipe.

Got a cybertroll with his combat bike or a clockwork dragon to display? This 3.25 inch diameter and 0.75 inch (to the top of the pipe) display is raised off the table by a finished Red Oak hexagon base.

(83mm round by 19mm)

Hexagonal, Red Oak, 3in

Red Oak Hexagons are 3 inches by 2.75 inches and 0.375 inches high (76mm x 70mm x 10mm).    They are all cut so the branch center is in the middle.

Hexagonal Sycamore, 3in

The woodworker scored with these by making them very consistent in size and shape.

These hexagon pieces are made from sycamore and measure roughly three inches (76mm) in circumference and just under 1/4 inch high (6mm).

Wood patterns and thickness will vary.

Anyone want to make their own wooden Settlers of Catan tiles?


Check out our customer example by Ub3r N3rd.


Miniatures not included.

The Mini Lighthouse

MiniBabySteps has created another amazing 1:300 scale miniature dollhouse in the shape of a Lighthouse. This time she put it on our Red Oak Hexagon.  Her amazing piece is 60mm tall.  The Red Oak Hexagons 3 inches by 2.75 inches and 0.375 inches high (76mm x 70mm x 10mm). As usual her piece is insanely […]


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