The Dragon Eye

A co-worker found a great piece of oak driftwood, 4″ long by 2″ wide, from a beach of one of the Finger Lakes, Seneca Lake.

I was really surprised to see an eye made of wood shaped by nature.

So after some close examination and careful thought, I decided to grant the eye an iris and some scales.

The iris is made from layering Realistic Water with painting some flecks and the pupil.


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So He Can Keep an Eye on You!

The Mini Lighthouse


MiniBabySteps has created another amazing 1:300 scale miniature dollhouse in the shape of a Lighthouse.

This time she put it on our Red Oak Hexagon.  Her amazing piece is 60mm tall.  The Red Oak Hexagons 3 inches by 2.75 inches and 0.375 inches high (76mm x 70mm x 10mm).

As usual her piece is insanely detailed with furniture, knick knacks and so much more.  Pop over to her blog and check out all the detail she puts into her creations.

She also sells them on her Etsy store.

“The Lovers” Display Piece

Our Elm Round (2.75 inches, 70mm) was recently used as the anchor for a great display piece, Scott from Hearth Stone Miniatures submitted at the Miniature Figure Collectors of America (MFCA) on May 9, 2015.  He came away with a Silver Metal in Fantasy.

“The Lovers”

from Dark Sword Miniatures

The Lovers, is a Dark Sword Miniature, was sculpted by Patrick Keith and comes in metal (pewter).  Scott built the entire pieces except for the miniatures using a variety of techniques and materials.  You can read more about the process from his Work In Progress page on the Reaper Forums.

Elm trees tend to have worms eating away at the wood below the bark.  And these pieces are no exception.  When finished the edge of the elm looks like its surrounded in runes.

Scott’s use of the elm as a stand for the overall display was well thought out.  It is placed to balance against the weight of the piece and still reveal the impressive tree rings of the elm.  Well done, Scott.

Hearth Stone carries its own line of miniatures.  Check them out for use on our bases.  There are quite the interesting miniatures available.

How Small? 1:300?

A while ago I mailed a parcel to Siberia … yeah, the one in Russia. It included one of my favorite rounds, the Black Locust. This nice young woman told me she was going to use it for a base for her miniatures. I thought, cool, my first International order, and it’s going to Russia.

Then she sent me a link to her blog, Mini Baby Steps. She makes 1:200 sized doll houses.

Cute, LED lit, tiny doll houses that fit on 4″ x 6″ pieces of wood or similar bases. I was stoked to see what she would do with the 1″, 2″ and 3″ bases I shipped.

Like many people who sell their art, she had a few projects in front of using her WoldStand pieces. Plus the parcel had to get thru the mail, customs, and such to get to her.

Finally, after 8 months or so, I present to you a 1:300th scale house on a black locust base by Дарья Прус (Daria Prus) of Siberia, Russia. IT IS AWESOME! Great work!

We still have a Black Locust piece left:…/rounds/round-black-locust-2in/

New Releases … More Bark and a Burl

I pulled out some great looking black walnut bark pieces to get cleaned up and ready for sale.  I also found a round of oak cut from a burl.

Some great pieces.

Also, I found another large piece to make into a diorama display … apparently the Black Walnut Clan treant had two hands.

Check out the original TREANT MITT!Continue reading

New category… Bark

Latest product preview.


This large piece of bark will soon be added to the store. The hickory bark is at least 6 inches long and three inches wide and nearly an inch thick.

Shown in the pictures are the first and second coats completed of Tung Oil Finish. Tomorrow the piece gets another. If that polishes up nicely it will go to the shop.

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Songs from the wood… James Wappel checks out WoldStand

James Wappel, a distinguished painter and miniature painting tutorial author, has accepted our products to use with his miniatures.  Help him figure out what his project will be by swinging over to his blog and suggesting ideas in his comments. I for one am stoked to see where he goes with them and what he accomplishes.

View his post

The Battle of the Champions on a Sycamore Hexagon Base by Ub3r N3rd

hex-pine-001-2Figures: Unarmored Hordesman & Armored Hordesman
Manufacturer: Red Box Games
Base: WoldStand Hexagonal Sycamore 3in.
Material: Trollcast (Resin)

Read the WIP and check out his Show Off

My buddy Ub3r N3rd over at Reaper Miniatures forum has taken two of Red Box Games miniatures and created that moment in a combat where the two champions find each other on the battlefield and begin the dance while everyone else gets the hell out of the way.

He applied some Resin Sand and muddied up the base for his battlefield.

Check out his work: