Fire For Effect Studios

F4E Studios provides many courses on Sculpting from beginner to advanced.

James Van Schaik is a freelance sculptor that has spent over 30 years in the gaming industry and has worked with a wide range of industry leaders.

F4E Studios is designed to offer you access to learn more about the many sculpting talents he has to offer.


Course Listings


Adding Veins NEW!

Make your figures extra creepy by adding veins. Learn how to sculpt veins with the Adding Veins course and get 50% off.


Add Veins to Chaos Champion, Aliens, Superheroes and More!


Fundamentals of Sculpting One

Learning the Fundamentals you need for Miniature Sculpting

Fundamentals of Sculpting Two

Essential Techniques for Sculpting Miniatures and Modelling with Putty

Machining Professional Sculpting Tools

Optimize Your Tools for Sculpting with Putty

QuikTec 1: Cigars

A Detail that Adds Character

QuikTec 2: Mustaches

Getting a Little Hairy on that Sculpt