Markshire Studios introduces WoldStand Displays.

WoldStand DisplaysEveryone who paints miniatures has contended with the decision… what am I going to put this highly detailed and soon to be amazingly painted miniature on?

How about something unique?

WoldStand Displays are unique, sanded and polished wooden pieces from the Finger Lakes region in New York.  The majority of the pieces come from trees or branches that have fallen or from marked trees taken to improve the health of a forest or stand of trees. The variety of woods available will change but some examples include Silver Maple, Yew, Australian Pine, and Oak. Our most interesting pieces are cut from knots and burls. Knots, from points where a larger branch broke free and grew over, are hard to cut out without breaking but make the most interesting pieces. Burls are tree-cancer growths, parasite growths or the results of an injury, and they create remarkable patterns within the wood and can be quite impressive for display bases.

Aside from crosscut branches which create similar but still quite individual pieces most of the rest are one of a kind.  Don’t miss out on one with indecision.

Browse through the categories and you’ll find something you want to attach a figure to.

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