Creations within this category may be used to invoke magic and fancy; representing strange places where imagination takes form.

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  • Diorama Base, “The Old Way,” 4in


    The Old Way … that road found in post-apocalyptic, fantasy societies that the current society has no clue how they made it.  Once the road way in this piece was created by such builders that it lasted for millennia.  At least until the water changed course and eroded the road bed and shifted the land.  Now there are only small reminders of the once great society in a wondrous slice of creek bed.

    Now imagine your beautifully painted dragon curled atop the the piece with his tail trailing around the terrain.  Or a hill giant taking in the scene before moving on with his full waterskin.  Perhaps a knight sits atop his armored steed has followed the Old Way until the path was blocked by this small fjord.

    The foundation are two cork rounds atop MDF.  The land is made with more cork added to create the higher points.  Ground red foam foliage surrounds a sculpted tree stump.  A small pool of water sits atop the small hillock jutting into the creek.  Flagstone pavers still remain clustered together for strength showing the shards of the Old Way.  The creek bed is made from actual sand and the flora and moss in the water is more ground foam.  Realistic Water covers the creek bed and pool of water.

    The product shown and sold here is the prototype.  Future custom orders of similar work will use a different resin for the water and naturally, the shape and details of the piece will differ.

    The base is 4 inches around and 1.5 inches tall at the top of the tree stump. It's 1.125 inches high at the two flat spots in the middle. (101mm x 38mm, 29mm at flat spots).

    Visit my blog to learn more about the prototype build behind this amazing piece of art:

    View WIP #1

    View WIP #2

  • Sale!

    The Dragon Eye

    $42.65 $41.65

    The Dragon Eye is a wonderful piece of Oak driftwood found on a beach of Seneca Lake in New York.  And yes, it was shaped just like it is.  The “lash” was broken but a little E6000 fixed that solid.  The lash is painted in Reaper Black Ink.

    I hand-painted a layered iris with a base of Reaper Carnage Red with some Reaper Fireball Orange, then some Realistic Water, some Vallejo Bronze flecks, another layer Realistic Water, then some Metallic Amethyst flecks, then more Realistic Water.  The scales are a mix of Vallejo Dark Sand and Cork Brown.  They are hand painted from the cracks in the wood.

    Use it for a conquering barbarian leaning on his axe or mount it to a plaque.

    Or just put it on your desk like I have for the last week or so.