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  • Oddity, Spalted, Oak


    This piece had a lot of character so I went ahead and finished it off.  The center has a hole in it from where the heartwood was.  The outside edge of the piece is ragged from years of seasoning on a wood pile and worm trails.  Make sure to find something special to put on this piece. The length of it is 2.75 inches, width is 2.125 inches and it’s 0.5 inches thick (70 x 54 x 13 mm).

  • Oddity, Yew, “Four Knots”


    This piece of yew is cut across four branches creating a really cool pattern.  Imagine what your halfling adventure party would look like on this 3 inch, 2.75 inch wide by a quarter inch thick base (76mm x 70mm x 6mm).

  • Oval, Butternut


    This darkly toned Butternut is a perfect base for a equally dark dragon or a large shadow creature.  The piece has bark along three sides and is 4.25 inches long, 3.75 inches wide and 0.375 inches thick (108mm x 95mm x 10mm).  The piece is big enough to fit a few scales of miniature dollhouse on it or just decorate it with a few tea lights.

  • Oval, Honey Locust


    Honey Locust, like the Black Locust has very distinct tree rings and a decent difference between the heartwood and the sapwood.  The smooth wood tone of the sapwood contrasting against the golden heartwood makes for an exemplary base for your ogre, treant, troll or other giant-sized minion.  The pieces are roughly 3.5 inches long by 3 inches in width and 3/8 of an inch thick (89mm x 76mm x 10mm).

  • Oval, Rose of Sharon


    This little nugget of awesome has almost a frosted bark with a dark inner skin with a delicious looking golden sapwood.  While they are quite stunning they are decidedly small at 1.25/1.375 inches long by 1/1.25 inches wide and a quarter inch tall (32/35mm x 25/32mm x 6mm).  Find some really amazing smaller miniatures for these; perhaps one of the fey, a hobbit or a grippli.

  • Plinth with “Fairy Door”, Honeysuckle


    This honeysuckle plinth has a “fairy door” on one side.   The “door” is created by a grown over branch collar.  Much of the bark has come away from the strain of the honeysuckle’s twisted limb.  The plinth is 2.5 inches by 2 inches around at the top, 2.75 inches by 2.625 inches at the bottom and 2.5 inches tall.  (70mm x 67mm x 64mm overall).  This could be the home of your gnome, halfling or other fey character.  A bard sitting atop the pieces playing a melody would be cool but that’s very specific.

  • Plinth with Burl, Honeysuckle


    Out of Stock :: If you would like to get something similar, please visit our Request Form.

    This plinth has a burl about midway and is made from a honeysuckle twisted limb.  The bark came away and left a really interesting display base.  Imagine your dragon or smilodon creeping down from the top along the gnarled burl.  The plinth is 2.25 inches around at the top and 3 inches by 2.25 inches around at the base.  The whole thing is 4.75 inches tall.  (95mmm x 57mm x 121mm overall)


    Miniature not included.

  • Plinth, Austrian Pine


    Austrian Pine is one of the less used Christmas Trees species here in New York but this plinth is made from it.  The bark is almost shiny by itself but the finish added a real nice polish to the variegated colors of the bark.

    This base has all the potential for a stunning display piece at 3 inches tall and approximately 2.75 inches around (76mm x 70mm).

    Consider combining this monolithic version with two more progressively smaller ones for a trilogy of a character’s career like the old Ral Partha level up characters.


    Miniature not included.

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