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  • Plinth, Red Oak, “Redwood”


    This three inch tall piece of red oak looks just like the base of a great redwood tree. It’s perfect for that idyllic scene atop it that is stuck in your head. Yeah, at 3.125 inches across, 15-16 feet wide at scale, and two inches thick (10 feet) it’s perfect for that one display miniature you are working on. (79mm x 51mm x 76mm)

  • Plinth, Shadbush


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    This large, oval shaped plinth stands over an inch in height with silvery/gray bark whose sapwood and heartwood look nearly identical in color, a darkened gold that looks like it’s an antique.  This large stand can easily be used for larger monsters or a group of adventurers as shown in the photos.  Combined with terrain the piece can easily support some trees and other flora to create a great scene for a single miniature large or small.  The whole piece is 4 inches by 3.25 inches in a oval or rounded square shape and one and a quarter inches in height (102mm x 83mm x 32mm).


    Miniatures not included.

  • Plinth, with “Fairy Gate”, Honeysuckle, 4in


    This honeysuckle plinth has a “fairy gate” on one side.   The “gate” is created by two separate grown over branch collars.  Much of the bark has come away from the strain of the honeysuckle’s twisted limb.  The plinth is 2.5 inches by 2.25 inches around at the top, 3.125 inches by 3.125 inches at the bottom and 4 inches tall.  (70mm x 67mm x 64mm overall).  This could be the home of your gnome illusionist, halfling sorcerer or other fey character.  When combined with the “fairy door” honeysuckle piece, the two pieces could easily display a larger whole.

  • Round, Black Locust, 2in


    These larger rounds, at approximately two inches (51mm) are sliced into quarter inch rounds (6mm).  The cool aspect of these is that the bark isn’t completely attached to the core but are still solidly connected.  There are more prominent rings against the darker core.  Great for larger miniatures like gnolls, trolls or ogres.

  • Round, Box Elder, Red Heartwood, 2.25in


    These hefty box elder pieces are sturdy and can stand up to some heavy white metal monsters.  These rounds are roughly 2.25 inches in diameter with a red heartwood about half inch in diameter and a light pith about 1/8th inch round.  (57mm diameter x 10mm).

  • Round, Bur Oak, 2in


    The bark of the bur oak round is thick and provides an excellent natural outer ring to this piece.  Imagine your ogre or hellacious demon standing proudly atop.  The piece is roughly 2 inches around and a quarter inch thick (51mm x 51mm x 6mm).  The outer bark is over a quarter inch thick in places.

  • Round, Burl, Oak, 2.2in


    Out of Stock :: If you would like to get something similar, please visit our Request Form.

    This round of oak is cut from a burl that was growing on a branch.  An interesting swirl pattern from the burl is created from the cut.  The patterning from the burl looks like cool terrain already so this wouldn’t require much more than pinning your mini to it.  As a larger round it’s ideal for a large size monster like an ogre or ettin.  The piece is 2.2in around and a quarter inch thick (57mm round by 6mm).

  • Round, Cottonwood 1.75in


    These round cottonwood pieces are hard to get solid pieces with the bark intact.  These survived cutting, sanding and finishing.  The shapes of the bark on the cottonwood are awesome.  At nearly twice the thickness of our other rounds, the weight of the cottonwood is the same giving it bulk but not the weight.  The rounds are 1.75 inches around and half an inch high (45mm round x 12mm).

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