Ovals are just rounds that have grown larger over time and spread. You can typically see the smaller round in wood rings of the oval. The reason they are their own category is strictly a function of footprint on the game board or comparison to the miniature you want to place on the piece.

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  • Oval, Buckthorn, 3in


    These Oval Buckthorn pieces have a translucent outer ring like Yew.  They are large ovals with thin bark at 3.5 inches by 3 inches by a quarter inch thick (89mm x 76mm x 6mm).  Imagine your young dragon, manticore, or large beast from your army on one.

  • Oval, Spalted Maple


    The spalted maple has a large contrast between black spalting and the near white sapwood.  These marbled pieces would look awesome as marble flooring for an enthroned individual or some truly stupendous and majestic beast like a large scale horse and rider or a hippogriff.  The pieces are nearly 3.5 inch long by 2.5 inches wide and a quarter-inch thick (89mm x 64mm x 6mm).

  • Round, Norway Maple


    These Norway Maple rounds have nearly a quarter inch of bark.  Each pieces is over 2.25 inches long, over 2.25 inches wide and 0.25 inches thick.  They are all egg shaped.

    In the pictures is a miniature dollhouse a customer from Siberia, Russia made with a Norway Maple piece.  Read about it on her blog.