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  • Round, Cottonwood 2.25-2.5in


    These round cottonwood pieces are hard to get solid pieces with the bark intact.  These survived cutting, sanding and finishing.  The shapes of the bark on the cottonwood are awesome.  At nearly twice the thickness of our other rounds, the weight of the cottonwood is the same giving it bulk but not the weight.  The rounds are 2.25-2.5 inches around and half an inch high (57mm round x 12mm).

  • Round, Elm, 1in


    These crosscut rounds are made from elm and polish up to a nice golden coin.  The most interesting feature of these bases are the sides.  The bark creates a pattern of what could easily be runes.

    You will receive 1 random round that averages one inch in diameter (25-30mm).

    Example miniature is a Reaper Miniatures archer with a freehand painted emblem from James Wappel Miniature Painting.


    Miniature not included

  • Round, Honey Locust


    Honey Locust, like the Black Locust has very distinct tree rings and a decent different between the heartwood and the sapwood.  The smooth wood tone of the sapwood contrasting against the golden heartwood makes for an exemplary base for your ogre, treant, troll or other giant-sized minion.  The pieces are roughly 1.75 inches around and 3/8 of an inch thick (44mm x 44mm x 10mm).

  • Round, Maple, Auburn Finish, 4.25in


    These auburn finished flats are 4.25 inches around cut from larger pieces of lumber.  Smooth and 108mm round, 6mm thick (1/4 inch), they can represent several army units or a GARGANTUAN dragon.

  • Round, Mulberry, 1in (3-Pack)


    Three-Packs of Mulberry rounds.

  • Round, Norway Maple


    These Norway Maple rounds have nearly a quarter inch of bark.  Each pieces is over 2.25 inches long, over 2.25 inches wide and 0.25 inches thick.  They are all egg shaped.

    In the pictures is a miniature dollhouse a customer from Siberia, Russia made with a Norway Maple piece.  Read about it on her blog.

  • Sale!

    Round, Oak, 1in (4-pack)

    $3.49 $3.00

    These pieces of oak are cut from a board and have criss-crossing wood grains.  They do not have bark.  Their sizes vary from 1 inch by 1 inch to 1.25 inches x 1.25 inches and all of them are a quarter inch high (25mm to 32mm round x 6mm).


    Miniatures not included.

  • Round, Oak, 2in


    These rounds are just shy of 2 inches around and were lathed and cut to show the awesome tree rings.  (48mm round x 6mm)

    They are perfect for your large class creatures; minotaurs, owlbear or yeti.