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    Round, Multi-Colored, 1.75in (5-Pack)

    $8.95 $7.95

    These colorful rounds are glued together pieces lathed round from scraps of cutting boards.  The artisan used walnut and oak to get the fantastic patterns.  The rounds are 1.75 inch in diameter and a quarter inch high (45mm round x 6mm).  They’ll look cool under the feet of your royal court or maybe a well off merchant or innkeeper.

  • Round, Norway Maple


    These Norway Maple rounds have nearly a quarter inch of bark.  Each pieces is over 2.25 inches long, over 2.25 inches wide and 0.25 inches thick.  They are all egg shaped.

    In the pictures is a miniature dollhouse a customer from Siberia, Russia made with a Norway Maple piece.  Read about it on her blog.

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    Round, Oak, 1in (4-pack)

    $3.49 $3.00

    These pieces of oak are cut from a board and have criss-crossing wood grains.  They do not have bark.  Their sizes vary from 1 inch by 1 inch to 1.25 inches x 1.25 inches and all of them are a quarter inch high (25mm to 32mm round x 6mm).


    Miniatures not included.

  • Round, Oak, 2in


    These rounds are just shy of 2 inches around and were lathed and cut to show the awesome tree rings.  (48mm round x 6mm)

    They are perfect for your large class creatures; minotaurs, owlbear or yeti.

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    Round, Ornamental Cherry, 3.25in


    A spectacular round from a group of ornamental cherry trees near my day job’s office.  This piece is sealed with teak oil and is covered in a couple varieties of lichen for great color.  A proper 3.25 inches around on one end, 3.5 inches by 3.25 inches oval on the other and 5/8 inches tall (98mm x 83mm x 16mm) this piece is calling for an epic forest mount or perhaps just a classic forest dragon.

  • Round, Red Spruce, 2.25in


    This round gorgeous round is fiery and would look awesome under a fire giant or salamander.  The piece is roughly 2.25 inches around and a quarter inch high. (57mm diameter x 10mm).

  • Round, Spalted Beech 1.75in


    The beech in these rounds was spalted while it was on the ground.  It looks like a brown marble with black veining and can easily stand in for an exotic floor.  Maybe for a royal or a knight miniature.  The round is 1.75  inches in diameter and a quarter inch thick (45mm round by 6mm).

  • Round, Spalted Oak, 2.5in


    Oak rounds great for minotaurs, ogres and owlbears.  They average 2.5 inches around and a quarter inch high (64mm round x 6mm).