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    Round, Beech, Translucent, 1.5in (5-pack)

    $9.45 $8.00

    These rounds like the yew branch rounds are translucent when held up to the light.  Because they are cut from larger pieces and turned to a round shape the tree rings are almost straight and look almost like long planking from a ship.  Extremely light and durable these pieces make great bases.  Each is 1.5 inches around and a narrow 1/8th inch in height (38mm round by 3mm).  Imagine the effect these create with an LED beneath them on a deeper 40mm or 50mm lighted base.

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    Round, Cork, 2in (5-pack)

    $1.25 $1.00

    Punched cork rounds that are 2 inches around and just shy of a quarter inch tall (51mm round and 5mm tall).   Add them to the bottom of your miniatures to protect your table or rough them up to simulate stone, brick road, or just use it for filler.  Use your imagination.

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    Round, Elm 1in. (5-packs)

    $8.95 $7.50

    These crosscut rounds are made from elm and polish up to a nice golden coin.  The most interesting feature of these bases are the sides.  The bark creates a pattern of what could easily be runes.

    You will receive 5 random rounds that average one inch in diameter (25-30mm).

    Example miniature is a Reaper Miniatures archer with a freehand painted emblem from James Wappel Miniature Painting.


    Miniature not included

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    Round, Multi-Colored, 1.75in (5-Pack)

    $8.95 $7.95

    These colorful rounds are glued together pieces lathed round from scraps of cutting boards.  The artisan used walnut and oak to get the fantastic patterns.  The rounds are 1.75 inch in diameter and a quarter inch high (45mm round x 6mm).  They’ll look cool under the feet of your royal court or maybe a well off merchant or innkeeper.

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    Rounds, Silver Maple, 1.25in (5-Pack)

    $4.25 $3.25

    These are currently unfinished rounds of silver maple.  Some of the bark will have bits of lichen on them.  The rounds are all roughly 1.25 inches around and a quarter inch thick (32mm round by 6mm tall).  Perfect for your basic adventuring party; cleric, fighter, mage, rogue, and dwarf.