black locust

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  • Burl, Black Locust, Foot-Shaped


    This piece of black locust is cut like a foot from a burl in the wood.  The slice measure 3 inches long by 2.25 inches wide and is a quarter inch thick (76mm by 57mm by 6mm).  The burl is concentrated mostly within the ball of the foot and toes.  With the longer shape this could easily accommodate a four-legged terror like a land shark or winged horse.

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    Burl, Black Locust, Round, 2.5in


    This round piece of black locust was sliced from a burl.  Two-thirds of the outside edges are smooth and the remainder are the burls rough outer nodules.  At 2.5 inches around it’s a sizable base for an army unit (64mm round by 16mm).  It would look awesome under a gnarled troll or some other gruesome retch.

  • Round, Black Locust, 2in


    These larger rounds, at approximately two inches (51mm) are sliced into quarter inch rounds (6mm).  The cool aspect of these is that the bark isn’t completely attached to the core but are still solidly connected.  There are more prominent rings against the darker core.  Great for larger miniatures like gnolls, trolls or ogres.