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    Hexagonal, Red Oak, 3in


    Red Oak Hexagons are 3 inches by 2.75 inches and 0.375 inches high (76mm x 70mm x 10mm).    They are all cut so the branch center is in the middle.

  • Round, Persimmon


    This fruit tree is a nice, dense wood that was the “wood” in golf clubs.  The pith flecks make it quite striking and perfect for an old floor for a wizened wizard’s lab or the ancient bottom of a hollow tree lair for a druid.  The piece is nearly 3 inches around and just shy of a half-inch thick (71mm x 71mm x 13mm).

  • Round, Spalted, Box Elder


    This spalted crosscut of box elder looks like a golden planet.  It would look great with a cool spaceship hovering over it.  The piece is cut from a larger board and rounded to about 2.75 inches around and is 3/8 inch thick (70mm x 10mm).