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  • Bark Sliver, Pear


    This sliver of bark is from a pear tree used elsewhere, but imagine your oriental dragon, hydra or other huge beast that might have a 20′ by 15′ facing.  The sliver is 4.5 inches long and 2.25 inches wide and about half an inch high (114mm x 58mm x 16mm).


    Miniature not included.

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    Burl, White Pine


    This nicely polished burl is made from white pine and was at the join of the trunk and a branch.  The top of this burl is flat from the cut so perfect for a miniature’s placement.  The piece is three inches by two and a half inches by three-quarters of an inch in height (76mm by 64mm by 19mm).


    Miniatures not included.

  • Oval, Buckthorn, 3in


    These Oval Buckthorn pieces have a translucent outer ring like Yew.  They are large ovals with thin bark at 3.5 inches by 3 inches by a quarter inch thick (89mm x 76mm x 6mm).  Imagine your young dragon, manticore, or large beast from your army on one.

  • Oval, Butternut


    This darkly toned Butternut is a perfect base for a equally dark dragon or a large shadow creature.  The piece has bark along three sides and is 4.25 inches long, 3.75 inches wide and 0.375 inches thick (108mm x 95mm x 10mm).  The piece is big enough to fit a few scales of miniature dollhouse on it or just decorate it with a few tea lights.

  • Oval, Honey Locust


    Honey Locust, like the Black Locust has very distinct tree rings and a decent difference between the heartwood and the sapwood.  The smooth wood tone of the sapwood contrasting against the golden heartwood makes for an exemplary base for your ogre, treant, troll or other giant-sized minion.  The pieces are roughly 3.5 inches long by 3 inches in width and 3/8 of an inch thick (89mm x 76mm x 10mm).

  • Oval, Rose of Sharon


    This little nugget of awesome has almost a frosted bark with a dark inner skin with a delicious looking golden sapwood.  While they are quite stunning they are decidedly small at 1.25/1.375 inches long by 1/1.25 inches wide and a quarter inch tall (32/35mm x 25/32mm x 6mm).  Find some really amazing smaller miniatures for these; perhaps one of the fey, a hobbit or a grippli.

  • Oval, Spalted Maple


    The spalted maple has a large contrast between black spalting and the near white sapwood.  These marbled pieces would look awesome as marble flooring for an enthroned individual or some truly stupendous and majestic beast like a large scale horse and rider or a hippogriff.  The pieces are nearly 3.5 inch long by 2.5 inches wide and a quarter-inch thick (89mm x 64mm x 6mm).

  • Plinth, Shadbush


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    This large, oval shaped plinth stands over an inch in height with silvery/gray bark whose sapwood and heartwood look nearly identical in color, a darkened gold that looks like it’s an antique.  This large stand can easily be used for larger monsters or a group of adventurers as shown in the photos.  Combined with terrain the piece can easily support some trees and other flora to create a great scene for a single miniature large or small.  The whole piece is 4 inches by 3.25 inches in a oval or rounded square shape and one and a quarter inches in height (102mm x 83mm x 32mm).


    Miniatures not included.