• The Dragon Eye


    The Dragon Eye is a wonderful piece of Oak driftwood found on a beach of Seneca Lake in New York.  And yes, it was shaped just like it is.  The “lash” was broken but a little E6000 fixed that solid.  The lash is painted in Reaper Black Ink.

    I hand-painted a layered iris with a base of Reaper Carnage Red with some Reaper Fireball Orange, then some Realistic Water, some Vallejo Bronze flecks, another layer Realistic Water, then some Metallic Amethyst flecks, then more Realistic Water.  The scales are a mix of Vallejo Dark Sand and Cork Brown.  They are hand painted from the cracks in the wood.

    Use it for a conquering barbarian leaning on his axe or mount it to a plaque.

    Or just put it on your desk like I have for the last week or so.