silver maple

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    Branch Collar, Silver Maple, 3in


    This cross-section of a silver maple branch with a branch collar is a great stand-in for a downed massive tree.  The piece is 3 inches long, 1.75 inches wide and 2 inches tall (76mm by 45mm by 51mm tall).  This piece needs a stalking 4-legged predator, a blue alien huntress kneeling to shoot something in the distance, or just a bunch of grippli having a grand ol’ time.  You could also cut a hanging notch or two along the flat edge and hang it directly on the wall.

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    Rounds, Silver Maple, 1.25in (5-Pack)


    These are currently unfinished rounds of silver maple.  Some of the bark will have bits of lichen on them.  The rounds are all roughly 1.25 inches around and a quarter inch thick (32mm round by 6mm tall).  Perfect for your basic adventuring party; cleric, fighter, mage, rogue, and dwarf.

  • Silver Maple Branch Collar with Lichen


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    This silver maple branch collar grew bark over it with time and then lichen grew on the bark.  The cuts were sanded smooth and then the whole piece protected.