treant mitt

  • Bark, Black Walnut, Treant Mitt


    Not long ago, a farmer was working his land and he came upon an ancient black walnut.  When he came closer he realized it wasn’t just a black walnut tree but a deceased treant of the Black Walnut Clan.  To honor the fallen elder ent, he brought him to a his shop.  From the remains he made a grand table for his home.  And to ensure that all of the fallen treant was honored the farmer brought the remainder to a wood worker.

    So shown here is the mitt of the treant.  It is 9.75 inches from wrist to fore-finger and 6 inches wide.  Its meaty palm is 2.5 inches thick.  (248mm x 152mm x 64mm)

    The flat side sits stably on a surface and allows the thick exterior bark lined with lichen in places as a suitable location for your diorama with a  monstrous behemoth or grand dragon.  Add some grasses and even a branch to create a tree or two for a really awesome piece.

    See what was done to it in my blog.