“Scenarios” is a cooperative board game that uniquely blends role-playing game (RPG) elements with cooperative storytelling, set in a diverse range of modern themes. Designed for 2-6 players, it offers an immersive experience without the need for a game master. Each player selects a character from a set of pre-defined options, each with a distinct background and skillset. These characters are legacy characters, evolving and growing over time, with their experiences and acquired items recorded and carried over to future scenarios.

The game is played on a generic 2-inch grid map, which can be customized for each scenario using flat card stock map pieces. Scenarios are linear but offer players a sandbox-like experience, encouraging exploration and puzzle-solving within the narrative framework. Each scenario comes with a unique set of map pieces, NPCs (Non-Player Characters), a rumor deck, and sometimes new characters, advantage cards, and movement cards.

The Scenario Sets the Stage

Gameplay involves scenario-specific objectives that players must achieve, usually within a single gaming session lasting two to four hours. Players can perform actions such as attacking, investigating, moving, and other special actions provided by various game cards. The game uses a pair of 12-sided dice (2d12) to resolve checks, with outcomes ranging from extreme failure to extreme success, influencing the game’s progression.

The game includes interaction points on the map, where players can engage in activities or challenges, using their characters’ attributes like Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Charisma, Willpower, and Perception. These attributes affect the outcome of various tasks, from cracking a safe to persuading an NPC. The game’s appeal lies in its rich storytelling potential, driven by player choices, character interactions, and the unfolding narrative crafted by the scenario cards.

A Cooperative Board Game for All Players

“Scenarios” is ideal for players who enjoy strategic planning, character development, and collaborative storytelling. Its modern setting, combined with the flexibility of its game mechanics, makes it a versatile and engaging choice for both seasoned and new players in the world of board games.

Your characters will go on an adventure in this cooperative board game set in altered reality.

Cooperative Board Game Set on Battle Grid Map

Using individual terrain pieces you layout the board per the scenario in this cooperative board game.
Using individual terrain pieces you layout the board per the scenario in this cooperative board game.

Assistance / Freelance

Join us in shaping “ScenARios in Altered Reality™!” We’re on the hunt for creative talent to enrich our game’s journey from concept to reality. If you have a passion for game design, graphical artistry, or marketing expertise, we’d love your touch in this endeavor.

Visit our ‘Work With Us‘ page to discover available positions and application details. Tell us about the role you’re drawn to and how you see yourself enhancing “ScenARios in Altered Reality™.” We’re eager to collaborate with you and turn this game into a beloved staple for players across the globe!

Roles Available

  • Artist
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