Terrain – Thorns – “Ladder” – 2 inch Square


The thorns of a honey locust tree are long, pointy and frequently create some interesting shapes.

This 2 inch square tile with a “ladder of branches” piece of honey locust thorns is perfect for terrain for a wasteland or alien landscape.  You can use it as soon as you receive it with the sand-primed tile and stones and the natural, weather-worn look of the thorn or paint the thorn purple and the ground chartreuse for an alien landscape.

NOTICE: We use the USPS and will mark the box as “fragile” but some accidents occur, so we can’t guarantee the delivery of these types of terrain in a “whole” condition.  Therefore the sale of these particular pieces are final.

WARNING: Not for children.  The thorns are extremely sharp and usually very sturdy.  Please use with care.  By purchasing this product you are releasing Markshire Studios and it’s owner from any liability for any injury done to people, animals or objects from this product.  Store in a safe location out of reach of children or animals.


Miniature not included.  Shown solely for scale.

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