Our Focus is the Player

Welcome. Our focus here at Markshire Studios™ is to find ways to make games more interesting from the users’ experience. Whether that’s in the form of a more streamlined tabletop role-playing system or an exciting timed board game experience where the players run around manically all at once.

As we embark on further ideations, we wish to invite more talented individuals who share our passion for game creation and the experiences players have. Whether you bring images to life, lay out the designers’ thoughts, or market these new and interesting games to the masses, your skills and vision can help shape the future of gaming. Join us in this exciting odyssey and let’s create many extraordinary projects together!

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This initial contact form is just the beginning of our conversation. We will follow up with you via the email address you provide. Our subsequent discussions may take various forms, including phone calls, Discord chats, instant messaging, or further emails. We are excited about the prospect of talking with you. Please note that working with us involves a professional engagement. Similar to projects at my web development company, Foothold Digital, we will discuss the specifics of the job, provide details, and then request a quote from you.
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